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Buy Here Pay Here vs. New Car Dealers

Table of Contents1 BHPH Lots vs. New Car Dealerships1.1 – In-house Financing1.2 – Security Measures1.3 – Car Selection1.4 – Payments1.5 – Build Your Credit2 New Car Dealerships and Traditional Loan Options3 Advantages of a Traditional Loan3.1 – Payment Options3.2 – Build Your Credit3.3 – Tracking Devices3.4 – Car Selection3.5 – Bankruptcies3.6 – Down-Payment4 Valley Auto […]

What Happens In A Car Repossession?

Table of Contents1 The Facts About Repossession1.1 Offloading a Repossessed Car1.2 Understanding Deficiency2 Learn More2.1 The Long and Short2.2 Helpful Advice The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has an answer for many commonly asked questions regarding vehicle repossession, which can go a long way toward helping people with bad credit who already have a car loan. […]

Bad Credit Auto Loans for the Self Employed

Table of Contents1 The 10992 Tax Returns3 Car Loans for Subpar Credit3.1 Minimum Income Requirements4 Applying For a Car Loan4.1 – Proof of Your Residence4.2 – Phone Contact Information4.3 – Mortgage Documents / Lease4.4 – References5 Caveat6 Alternatives7 Valley Auto Loans You can get an auto loan for a new or used car with a […]