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  • Auto Refinance or Private Party Purchase

    Auto Refinancing

    Refinancing an auto loan is a great option for those looking to reduce their interest rate, lower payments or pull cash out of the equity in their car. We specialize in auto refinancing and are here to help you. From perfect credit to poor credit we have lenders standing by.

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  • New or Used Car Loan

    New & Used Car Loans

    It can be a lot of fun shopping for a new or used vehicle. However, most people find that deciding on the perfect car is the easy part and start getting a headache when it comes to financing. Let us assist you in financing your next vehicle without the typical hassle. From bad credit to perfect credit we can help!

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  • Lease

    Vehicle Leasing

    Not everyone wants to purchase a new car, so many times car lease deals can be a great option. Due to personal financial circumstances, car leasing might be the best option. See how we can help through our lease, sign & drive and rent to own financing options.

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  • Bad Credit Auto Loan Application
  • Auto Refinance
  • Leasing
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Bad Credit Auto Loans Made Easy

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“Valley Auto Loans – Car Financing for All”

Wondering if you could be approved for a subprime car loan or auto refinance with bad credit? Valley Auto Loans is one of the few bad credit auto finance companies that truly understands your situation. We have a long track record of helping shoppers secure the financing they need for a vehicle, regardless of their current credit score.

We accept 100% of all applications, without charging any fees, while making it our goal to find the best auto loan or refinancing options for each individual need.

Regardless of credit history, Valley Auto Loans’ bad credit car loans and lender connections gives you the opportunity to secure auto financing or refinancing you need. The simple application process makes it easy for those considered “high risk” (by other companies) to qualify when you have bad credit and we never an application fee for our service.

We offer many services and bad credit auto loans for applicants with past or current bankruptcy, poor credit scores, or other financial issues. This variety of services puts us a step above other bad credit auto finance companies.

If you are thinking of replacing your car with a new one, be sure to visit our resource page where you will find auto refinance tips. We have also added a Used Car Buyers Guide and a guide for planning a simple auto loan budget. We offer knowledgeable assistance and direction with the various types of financing options, a new car buying guide and other financial advice from Valley Auto Loans.

How Our Acceptance System Works

The fast and safe credit acceptance process draws on an exclusive, nationwide network of auto lenders and dealers, experienced in car loans and auto refinancing for people with poor credit scores. These partners have a reputation for quick service without inflated interest rates and fees.

When it comes time to look for that new car, allow Valley Auto Loans to give you informative information from negotiating with car dealers to landing that perfect auto loan tailored to your needs and get the best deal for you.

Zero down car loans, auto refinance, student loans and helping customers with bad credit are part of are many services offered at Valley Auto Loans. Individuals with a poor credit history or a need to repair their credit fast deserve to use the best financing options available. Valley Auto Loans specializes in providing lenders that do just that.

Customers and Their Cars Come First

Valley’s mission is to help customers when buying a car with bad credit, find financing and improve their credit scores. We want every applicant to have the best interest rate and easily affordable monthly payments possible. Our proprietary application process uses a unique algorithm to find the best financing options from thousands of finance providers.

If you have bad credit, Valley serves customers with damaged credit scores through strong relationships with dealers and lenders all over the United States. This in turn makes it possible for us to provide some of the lowest possible interest rates available to applicants regardless of bad credit history. Valley accepts all applications and does everything possible for applicants to get low monthly payments at great interest rates.

Bad Credit Car Loans – Leave It To Us!

Valley Auto Loans is known as one of the premier loan brokers in the nation. We have worked endlessly to make our approval process as fast, secure and convenient as possible. This hard work on our end has resulted in a loan application that is easy to use and provides the fast results you need. Valley Auto Loans understands credit problems and the struggles that thousands face who don’t qualify elsewhere. It is our mission to provide our visitors the high risk auto financing they need.

Our Customer Reviews

Simple & Beneficial

Great company to work with on obtaining a car loan. I would recommend this company to my friends and family. If your in need of a competitive car loan I would choose Valley Auto Loans!”
- Andrew Hair

Couldn't Have Asked for More!

Even with my terrible credit these guys were able to get me not only a "budget car" but a car that was actually dependable and one that should last me for years to come. Rather than being embarrassed to be seen in my car It's actually a joy to drive thanks to the help from Valley.”
- Phil Smith

Better than my last provider

I enjoyed dealing with Valley Auto Loans, previously I had dealt with another well-known finance company, and had a nightmare. Using Valley however was very straight forward and the staff were pleasant to deal with.”
- Tommy Lee

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