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Wondering if you could receive approval for bad credit car loans or an auto refinance with bad credit? Valley Auto Loans is one of the few bad credit auto finance companies that understands your situation. We have a long track record of helping shoppers secure the bad credit auto financing they need for a vehicle, regardless of their current credit score.

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We accept 100% of all applications, without charging any fees, while making it our goal to find the best auto loans for bad credit or refinancing options for each individual need.

Regardless of credit history or your credit profile, Valley Auto Loans’ bad credit car loans and lending connections give you the opportunity to secure the auto financing or refinancing you need. Our simple application process makes it easy for those considered “high risk” (by other car financing companies) to qualify when you have bad credit, and we never charge an application fee for our service. We have great success in finding the best loan terms for those getting car loans with bad credit.

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We offer many services when it comes to bad credit car loans for applicants with:

  • Past or Current Bankruptcy
  • Poor Credit Scores
  • Divorce
  • Child Support
  • Self Employed
  • No Credit
  • No Down Payment
  • Auto Loans for People with Bad Credit
  • Other Financial Issues

This variety of services puts us a step above other auto finance companies for bad credit car loans.

If you need to replace your vehicle due to an accident or mechanical breakdown or you are thinking of replacing your car with a newer model, be sure to visit our resource page where you will find tips, guides, auto loan tools and reviews. We have also added a Used Car Buyers Guide and a guide for planning a simple auto loan budget. We offer knowledgeable assistance and direction of the various types of bad credit auto loans and advice when shopping for deals on new cars. From our new car buying guide and other financial information, we are the best place to get a car loan with bad credit and specialize in helping car buyers trying to fix their credit rating.

We also provide pre-approved bad credit auto financing for a guaranteed car loan amount before you hit the car dealership. You can get your credit approval and loan terms before you pick out a car or talk to the sales person. This is a great benefit for those seeking a new car loan with poor credit history. They can apply online in the privacy of their home and avoid the pressure and embarrassment of discussing their personal finance history with the sales person.

Many credit bureaus such as Experian, Equifax, and Transunion, use different indicators to assign your credit rating and many times the credit rating the dealer looks at is different than the one you see from the same bureaus listed on your credit report. This is why pre-approved credit financing is more convenient than finding out your loan approval did not go through at the car dealership, or they try to charge an unreasonable interest rate or tell you that you need a cosigner to get approved.

Our Auto Loans for Bad Credit

Our fast and safe credit acceptance process draws on an exclusive nationwide network of bad credit auto lenders and dealers experienced in car loans and auto refinancing for people with poor credit scores. These partners have a reputation for quick service without inflated interest rates and fees for bad credit car loans.

When it comes time to look for that new car, allow Valley Auto Loans to give you informative guides from negotiating with car dealers to landing that perfect auto loan tailored to your bad credit car loan needs in order to get the best deal for you.

Our many services offered at Valley Auto Loans includes helping customers with bad credit get zero down car loans, refinancing, student loans and bad credit car loans for the cars of their choice. Individuals with a poor credit history or need to repair their credit fast deserve to use the best financing options available. Valley Auto Loans specializes in providing bad credit auto lenders that do just that.

Customers and Bad Credit Car Loans

Bad Credit Auto Loan Customer SupportValley’s mission is to help customers when buying a car with bad credit, find financing and improve their credit scores while working to get out of debt. We want every applicant to have the best interest rates and the most affordable monthly payments possible. Our proprietary application process uses a unique algorithm to find the best financing options from thousands of bad credit auto lenders and finance providers. This is what makes it possible to get a car loan with bad credit for the loan amount you need at loan terms you can live with while you improve you credit rating.

Valley serves customers with damaged credit scores through strong relationships with dealers and lenders all over the United States. By partnering with reliable lenders, we can provide some of the lowest possible interest rates available to responsible applicants regardless of bad credit history. Valley accepts all applications and does everything possible for candidates to get low monthly payments on auto loans for bad credit at great interest rates.

Leave It To Us for Bad Credit Auto Finance!

Valley Auto Loans is one of the premier brokers for auto loans with bad credit in the nation. We have worked endlessly to make our approval process as fast, secure and convenient as possible. This hard work has resulted in a loan application that is easy to use and provides the quick results applicants need regardless of their credit profile. Valley Auto Loans understands credit problems and the struggles that thousands face who do not qualify elsewhere. It is our mission to provide visitors the high risk auto financing they need when others cannot. Valley Auto Loans offers low-interest auto loans for bad credit customers who are trying to rebuild their credit points. We will do our best to help you find a competitive interest rate on your next car loan from a reputable money lender. The auto loan process starts as soon as you apply.

Our Customer Reviews

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Even with my terrible credit these guys were able to get me not only a "budget car" but a car that was actually dependable and one that should last me for years to come. Rather than being embarrassed to be seen in my car It's actually a joy to drive thanks to the help from Valley.

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I enjoyed dealing with Valley Auto Loans, previously I had dealt with another well-known finance company, and had a nightmare. Using Valley however was very straight forward and the staff were pleasant to deal with.

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Great company to work with on obtaining a car loan. I would recommend this company to my friends and family. If your in need of a competitive car loan I would choose Valley Auto Loans!

Lending Options for Bad Credit Car Loans

Planning For Your Next Low-Interest Auto Loan For Bad Credit Situations

Shopping for a new or used car can be a tremendous amount of fun. Finding that perfect car is also easy, with so many ways to search for a car. You can hunt the local new and used car lots, use websites like ours or look for a private sale in the local classifieds.

Buying your dream car can be a little more difficult if you need a bad credit car loan. You should put more research into making a major purchase like a new car than just looking at what is available and agreeing to take the finance offer. You would rather have a lower payment than a higher one, of course. You’d also like to get into something for as little money up front as possible. Getting pulled in by guaranteed auto financing ads is not the best long-term solution for most people. It is easy to get roped into this by car dealers with guaranteed funding, but a little homework can save you a lot!

When starting to think about the loan options that will help you get your financing, you will probably wonder whether you should finance the vehicle, lease it, or rent to own. Most people do not know which option is best if they have a low credit score. The financing option you choose depends on your personal situation and your goals. Leasing and funding are two very different methods and have very different benefits and disadvantages.

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Lease or Finance?

auto loans for bad creditBefore you choose between leasing and auto loans for bad credit, weigh the pros and cons. You need to know what kind of vehicle you want and whether you plan to buy a new or pre-owned vehicle. Narrow down your choices by making a list of your “needs” and “wants” when it comes to your car model.

If you have decided to buy a pre-owned vehicle, your decision is made for you. Leasing is not available for pre-owned automobiles, so you must either finance the car, pay cash or apply for a “rent to own” loan. Of course, if you are in a position to pay cash you are going to do that to get a lower price on the vehicle, even from bad credit car dealerships. Most people need to finance their pre-owned vehicle with the help of bad credit auto loans. Financing a car under these terms can be a good option, and you will probably find that you can own the vehicle you love for a very reasonable monthly payment.


When you finance an auto loan with bad credit, you will own the car outright at the end of the loan term. You will receive the title to the car and can do what you choose with it. When you lease a vehicle, you must return it or purchase the automobile at the end of the lease term. Your lease is reviewed to see if you have any penalties owed like going over on your mileage. You do not own the vehicle. The dealer retains ownership.


Bad Credit Car Loans PhotoMonthly payments tend to be higher for short term financed vehicles because you pay off the entire value of the auto loan over the course of the loan term. Finance lenders and certain kinds of online auto loans services ask for a down payment in addition to taxes, registration, and various fees.

On the other hand, when you lease a car, you are usually asked only for a security deposit, first month’s payment and taxes. Occasionally a lease agreement will require a down payment. This is usually lower than the down payment for financing a vehicle. Lease payments are lower because they cover only the automobile’s depreciation and fees related to the contract. This can look more favorable than the payments you will make for car loans for bad credit drivers.


A good trade-in may lower your down payment when financing. You may also qualify for rebates or other incentives for individual vehicles. Be sure to ask about trade-in value and incentives before making a decision about auto financing for bad credit or leasing a car with bad credit.

Your Automobile Or Not?

car loans 2 ( credit lease or refinance)When you get a bad credit auto loan to finance your vehicle, you are free to care for it or not as you wish. You may put as many or as few miles on it as your life demands. The condition of the car and the mileage will affect the resale value, but they do not impact your loan or the amount you pay for the car. When you lease a car, you agree to a mileage limit during the time you have the vehicle. You must also return the car in good condition or pay costly fees for any damages. If you use bad credit car loans to purchase your car, you receive any value left in the car concerning the trade-in or sale value.

At The End Of Your Lease

When you lease a car, you can be less concerned with the vehicle’s resale value. However, at the end of the lease, you are left empty-handed. You will not have a car to drive. You will also not have a vehicle to trade in or sell to put money toward your next automobile. However, you may find that leasing a car fits your financial needs better than car loans for bad credit borrowers because of the lower costs. You may intend to continue leasing. In that case, you do not require a trade-in or down payment.

If you tend to drive your car for 15 years, you will probably feel that a lease does not fit your life and the way you purchase and treat your auto.

Bad Credit Car Leasing and Financing

car loans 3 ( can you meet criteria)You will need to know your credit score before you shop for a lender or car loan for bad credit. You can receive a free credit report from each of the three major reporting firms each year through the United States Federal Trade Commission’s website. You should not pay for a credit report unless you have received all of your free reports within the past year.

Credit Karma 1 is a legitimate and credible site for checking your credit score.

You should know that most leasing companies and lenders will look at both your credit history and your credit score. This is how they decide not only your likelihood of approval but also the interest rate you will pay.  Bad credit auto lenders rely on different criteria. They are more interested in how long you have had a job and your ability to pay back the loan with your income history.

How To Get A Car Loan With Bad Credit

If you have bad credit, financing is probably your best option. When leasing a vehicle with bad credit, the leasing agency is renting out a car and trusting that it will be returned in good condition. People with excellent credit are seen as more stable and more likely to care for the auto. This may not be fair to everyone with bad credit. The agencies do, however, have to operate in the way that protects their investment. Working only with customers with prime credit is their best choice.

If you have bad credit, and you need a car, we can help you finance your new vehicle in spite of your past credit problems. At Valley Auto Loans, we work with bad credit and bankruptcy auto loan lenders and banks who understand people’s need for a reasonable car loan.

Can you meet these simple criteria?

  • Have a quality monthly income of $1,500 or more
  • Are currently a resident of the United States or Canada
  • Can insure the vehicle in their name
  • Are employed full-time or receiving a guaranteed fixed income
  • Can show proof of residency
  • Have a working phone number
  • Can provide a credit card statement

If so, we can almost certainly help you finance your vehicle. These simple qualifications prove your current ability to make a car payment. That is all you need to prove to a lender that you can and will meet your obligation. Unfortunately, leasing agents rely more on your recent credit profiles than your current financial and employment situation. This is why car financing for bad credit buyers is a better way to go over leasing.

What If You Do Not Have a Down Payment?

Many individuals who can lease a car choose to do so because the agreement does not require a down payment. Bad credit auto lenders do not always need a down payment. We want you to know why you will come out better if you come up with a down payment.

Finance companies require a down payment to reduce their losses in the case of default on the loan. Traditional lenders are more concerned with a down payment if your credit report shows repossession, bankruptcy or late or missed payments or if you have no established credit or a low credit score.

Leases are less likely to require a down payment because of how lenders and leasing agencies use the down payment. When you finance a vehicle with a down payment, the money you paid reduces the purchase price of the car. This lowers your monthly payment and moves you closer to owning the car.

With a leasing program, a down payment reduces your monthly payment and applies toward the depreciation of the vehicle. If the down payment does not cover all the depreciation or if you exceed the allowed mileage, you will settle those fees at the end of the lease, not the beginning.

Auto Loans for Bad Credit Options Available When Financing Your Car

If you do not have the money for a down payment on your vehicle, there are some ways you may still be able to purchase your perfect car or truck. First, ask about factory rebates, cash back or other dealer or factory incentives. These incentives can be used to make the down payment on bad credit auto loans. Many incentives are widely advertised and well-publicized. You can build a simple budget to get your down payment in a few weeks.

auto loans with bad creditIf you are trading in your old auto, ask to use your trade-in as your down payment. It is critical to know what your car is worth before you talk to the car dealer. Car appraisers like Edmunds can help you with your cars trade in value. If your old car is not worth much, you may be required to provide a down payment. Often, the lender will accept your trade-in in place of money down. If you do not have a trade-in and the dealer has no incentive cash available, ask to roll the down payment into your loan. This is not the first resort. It creates a situation where you owe more than the car is worth. This is called being “upside down.” An upside down car loan increases your monthly payments and may make buying your next vehicle more difficult. If this is the only option to get the transportation that you need, it may make sense to you.

Your Consumer Resource Center

Valley Auto Loans has built a reputation for helping people get new and used car financing, but did you know you can find loads of information on other topics related to your driving experience? Our resource page is loaded with tools, how to tips and good advice that everyone who drives a car should know. For instance, Do you know how to jump start your car if the battery goes dead?  Alternatively, get better gas mileage with the car you already have? What about plugging a tire on the side of the road or how to close a stuck power window? You can find answers to all these questions and more, along with useful advice on starting a budget and other financial information you may need.

So if you need to get a new car loan with bad credit, auto financing information or solve a problem we are here to assist you. Whether you choose to lease, finance or refinance, whether you have excellent credit or poor credit, or you need a cosigner, Valley Auto Loans can help. You can fill out an application on-line today at no cost to you. We want you to have a low-interest auto loan to improve your bad credit history. Begin the process by filling out our bad credit auto loans application today!

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