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Bad Credit Car Loans Service

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Bad Credit Car Loans Service

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Bad Credit Car Loans Service

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Bad Credit Car Loans Service

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Bad Credit Car Loans Service

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Bad Credit Car Loans Service

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Wondering if you could receive approval for bad credit car loans or an auto refinance with bad credit? Need to know what is a good credit score to buy a car or qualify for a car loan?

Valley Auto Loans is one of the few subprime auto finance companies that understand your situation. We have a long track record of helping shoppers secure loans for poor credit and the bad credit auto financing they need for a vehicle, regardless of their current credit score. Though we are not a financial institution ourselves, we are considered by many to be the premier source of providing loans through credit unions, banks, dealerships and more while minimizing the chance of a higher interest rate than most lenders charge during the life of the loan.

We accept 100% of all applications, without charging any fees, while making it our goal to find the best auto loans for bad credit or refinancing options for each individual need. Our specialty is providing a service to provide loans for people with poor credit.

Regardless of credit history or your credit profile, Valley Auto Loans’ bad credit car loans and lending connections give you the opportunity to secure the auto financing or refinancing you need. Our simple application process makes it easy for those considered “high risk” (by other car financing companies) to qualify when they have bad credit, and we never charge an application fee for our service. We have great success in finding the best loan terms for those seeking car loans with poor or subprime credit.

  • Past or Current Bankruptcy
  • Poor Credit Scores
  • Divorce and Child Support
  • Self Employed
  • No Credit History
  • No Down Payment
  • Low Income
  • Other Financial Issues

 This variety of services puts us a step above other auto finance companies offering bad credit car loans.

If you need to replace your vehicle due to an accident, mechanical breakdown or you are thinking of replacing your car with a newer model, be sure to visit our resource page where you will find tips, guides, auto loan tools and reviews. We have also added a used car buyers guide and a guide for planning a simple auto loan budget.

We offer expert assistance and direction of the various types of bad credit auto loans and advice when shopping for deals on new vehicles. From our new car buying guide and other financial information, we are the best place to get a car loan with bad credit and specialize in helping car buyers trying to fix their credit rating.

We also provide pre-qualified bad credit auto financing for a guaranteed car loan amount before you hit the car dealership. You can get your credit approval and loan terms before you pick out a car or talk to the salesperson. This is a great benefit for those seeking a new car loan with poor credit history. They can apply online in the privacy of their home and avoid the pressure and embarrassment of discussing their personal finance history with the salesperson.

Many credit bureaus, as indicated in the terms and conditions of the website, such as Experian, Equifax, and Transunion, use different indicators to assign your credit rating and many times the credit rating the dealer looks at is distinct from the one you see from the same bureaus listed on your credit report.

This is why pre-approved credit financing is more convenient than finding out your loan approval did not go through at the car dealership, or they try to charge an unreasonable interest rate or tell you that you need a cosigner to get approved.

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