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First Class Service for Bad Credit Auto Loans and Refinancing!


Valley Auto Loan and partners are proud of the first class service we provide to our clients to help rebuild their credit and help secure the bad credit auto financing or refinancing they need for a vehicle.

We have worked hard over the years to serve everyone who has turned to us for help finding financing through an honest, reputable loan company that will provide an excellent offer for the applicant in spite of past or current credit issues.

Valley seeks to make the car financing process easy and provide everyone with the negotiating skills needed for obtaining the best price.

We love to read the reviews about our company from people who are now driving a car that they thought they would never be able to purchase – BUT DID!

  • 5 star review5 star review  Great way to get a loan!

    thumbthumb Rebecca Bourland

  • 4 star review4 star review  The service was great! I didn’t have much to bring money for a down payment but they worked with me, and everything turned out great. Couldn’t be happier! The only thing that would have made it perfect is if I could have gotten a loan with no down payment. However, I have a credit score of 588, so it’s understandable. I only had to put $500 down, so I don’t think that’s bad at all.

    thumbthumb Adam Stein

  • 5 star review5 star review  I’ll admit it – I was skeptical. However, in the end, I was blown away by the service I received. I refinanced my 2015 BMW which had an interest rate that was way too high. I had purchased it a year ago, and my credit has improved since then. My FICO is still not that great, but they were able to bring my rate down significantly. I was approved instantly. Just had to sign the documents and the bank took care of the rest.

    thumbthumb Rich S. Davenport


We Will Suprise You!

Also, the auto loan reviews from those who chose to refinance a car with bad credit when no one else would help them.

Many of our customers express how surprised they were with the fast and smooth process using our online application compared to mainstream high-risk auto loan lenders.

We are looking forward to assisting you with auto loans that are right for you as well as helping you repair your credit.

To find the best auto loans for your unique situation, turn to Valley Auto Loans!

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