About Valley Auto Loans

About Us

Valley Auto Loans is the ultimate car loan broker service. We provide fast and dependable service for those seeking a car loan or auto refinance. Our site has many years of experience in helping people with acceptable credit. We have also helped countless individuals with poor or bad credit. Through us, they have received the financing, lease or refinancing they need for their car purchase.

Bad Credit is No Problem for Valley Auto Loans!

Even if you have been turned down in the past for bad credit issues, we can give lenders a chance to review your financing needs. By partnering with institutions and dealers, we create an approval process that is fast and beneficial for all. The process has little to do with your credit score or history. Almost all our applicants are matched with a lender from Valley Auto Loans and qualify instantly for their car loan. Though we will be upfront and say that there are specific requirements that any lender will have.

Always On our “A” Game

We do our best to find financing options for all who apply. However, without the basics such as a job or source of income, we would not be able to match you with a lender. We try to be as upfront as possible with that! However, if you meet some basic and standard requirements, you will have no problems getting the car you need. We can also give you a better understanding of how to buy a new car and how different financing options work for you.

How the Approval Process Works

As you can see, we have been deeply involved in changing the lives of consumers with a poor credit history.

Our simple yet robust approval process makes us different from other car loan service providers. We have an enormous network of lenders for bad credit car refinance, automotive dealerships. Our auto loan lending companies across the country provide us an edge over others. We can help you finance your new vehicle by giving the lenders a chance to select your loan the way you want it. Unlike most other companies, we also provide zero or no money down financing options for our loan applicants provided you qualify. We can even help if you are facing repossession.

We Understand The Auto Loan Marketplace

To say the least, we have a thorough understanding of the lending market. This understanding is why we work to secure your financing in as little time as possible. At Valley Auto Loans, you lenders for both new and used car loans. You can choose from loans for purchasing from dealers or private sellers. If you find yourself without a vehicle or need a fast loan approval, we specialize in helping people provide affordable transportation for the comfort and safety of their family.

 When you start shopping for a new auto loan, there are lenders for high risk auto loans waiting to help you.

Loans: Bad Credit Good Income

We are proud to let you know that irrespective of your credit history, our national and local financing rates are some of the lowest throughout the United States. In the market, we are known as the top online service. With specialists in getting applicants with all types of credit approved for an auto loan with easy to afford interest rates it is easy to see why. With high-quality loans, and unbeatable rate of interests Valley Auto Loans' service stands above the rest. We even serve customers who have had a car repossessed or have filed bankruptcy.

Benefit from The Valley Auto Loans Advanced Approval Process

Through our efficient service, we have become the most compassionate and preferred auto finance provider in the nation. Experience and dependability give us the ability to offer fast and safe car loans for all.

Our reputation as a result of our swift and simple approval process that exceeds all other loan providers, online or locally. Valley Auto Loans has a network of lenders well aware of the frustration involved in the rejection of auto loan applications, and we have put together a system that maximizes your chances to qualify.

How Fast Can You Get A Loan?

In less than a few minutes of your time, you can apply for a vehicle for you and your family. After we receive your online application form, we circulate it through our large team of auto lenders and subprime auto lenders throughout the country that specializes in subprime auto loans. We also offer detailed information on more obscure scenarios such as straw car purchases, and also specialized financing services for all major life events.

The Best Choice You Will Make Today

At Valley Auto Loans, no poor credit borrower is ever refused. Send your application today and see how we change things around for you. Our customers treasure us because we have been able to get them the approval that no one else has, and we are confident we can do the same for you! If you ever have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us here!