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Valley Auto Loans is proud of the service to their customers, we have provided over the years to everyone who has turned to us for help in getting the financing they needed for their dream car. We love to hear from people who are now driving a car that they thought they could not afford or those who chose to refinance a car with bad credit when no one else would help them. Many of our customers express how surprised they were with the fast and easy process compared to mainstream high risk auto loan lenders. We are looking forward to assisting you with your auto loan as well.

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Better than my last provider

I enjoyed dealing with ValleyAutoLoan, previously I had dealt with another well known finance company, and had a nightmare. Using Valley however was very straight forward and the staff were pleasant to deal with.”
- Tommy Lee


I didn't have a credit history, so for me it was not easy to get a loan for a car. Valley Auto Loans helped me to quickly and easy get the loan for my first car. Also I like friendly staff, ready to answer any question.”
- Tanya

Great Company

Earlier this year I planned buying a new car so I decided to take out a loan. My credit isn't the best because of my student loan debt so I was nervous to take out another loan. Valley loans help me make that decision by walking me through the admission and registration process and making sure any questions I had were answered. The prices at this loan company are affordable and customer service was great! I get tired of walking to work back and forth or asking for a ride so this loan was much needed. I would refer anyone who's looking for a reasonable price when taking out a loan for any vehicle to Valley Auto Loans.”
- Demond Bivins

Great Customer Care

Would definitely recommend to friends and family. Very knowledgeable about auto financing.”
- Bill

Great company

This company became great when I actually had an issue with my loan. They were able to resolve it and were not rude about my lack of knowledge. Would recommend to anyone.”
- Alex Lee


Great customer service!!! Pleasant company to work with!!”
- Sophia St.Cyr

Great Experience

Valley Auto Loans was a great loan company to deal with! They are also fast and got me a great rate!”
- Alissa

Great Experience

I had a great experience at Valley Auto Loans. They were easy to deal with and I got a great rate fast. Everyone should check them out.”
- Brian Ski


This has best customer service, easy to understand and very friendly services. “Valley Auto Loans was a great help to me.”
- Linda Inkster

Great Experience!

This company helped me find a better rate at a new finance company. I realized I was paying far too much for my car at my old company and needed a change. Valleyautoloans helped me refinance elsewhere and ended up saving me a lot of money! Thank you so much.”
- Charlene Harber

Great Work Guys!

I went everywhere and no one could cut me a deal like these guys ! I must say WOW they connected me with someone who listened to my needs while still managing to stay within my budget, was not pushed like when at other car dealerships. Will be returning when my wives car breaks down!”
- A Happy Customer

Five Stars!!!!!

Valley Auto Loans are really the best when it comes to serving their clients! I will absolutely come back after having such a wonderful experience! You guys rock, keep up the good work!”
- Elizabeth

Valley Auto Loans is a life-saver!

I was at witts-end not being able to come up with the final amount for a car I was looking into. Now I don't have to take buses and taxis all over town. I can ride around in my new car and its all thanks to Valley Auto Loans!”
- Rose Marie

Helped When I needed it

So very happy! Due to a difficult divorce to a spouse who had a gambling addiction my credit has become extremely poor. The people at Valley Auto Loans worked diligently with me to get my loan and my auto to get me on the road again. I am so very happy with them!”
- Frank

Great Customer Service

Awesome customer service.very easy and affordable auto loan company. I will definitely recommend this company to my friends and relatives. :)”
- Ashley


Valley Auto Loans was a great help to me. I don't have the best credit and was worried that I would not be able to afford any loan payments. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I could afford a reasonably priced car loan. They secured the loan quickly and I was able to finance a car in days.”
- John Evans

Very Unique

This has best customer service, easy to understand and very friendly services. If I would recommend this to anyone then I would.”
- Jace Coleman

Easy and simple...

My wife and I have poor credit. This was simple and the process was easy. In no time we got into another vehicle all thanks to Valley Auto Loan. ”
- Anthony S.

Great Service

Valley Auto Loans helps me get approved for my auto loan quickly, even though my credit isn't that great. I am so happy with my experience at Valley Auto Loan. And thanks for your great service.”
- Phuong Ngo


My loan was processed quickly and efficiently. I really needed a car and now I have one thanks to Valley Auto Loans.”
- Fred Sanders


Very happy with my experience at Valley Auto Loan. Was quick and easy and I had no trouble securing an affordable loan for my car.”
- n/a

Finally a decent company

Ive gone through countless places to get a loan for a car, especially since i have slightly bad credit due to school. Valley Auto Loan Finally gave me that opportunity to finance my new car that ive wanted since i graduated.”
- Zach H.

Happy Camper

Finally! I have found an auto loan company to help me finance my car. Valley Auto Loan totally helped to ease the car buying process for me with professional staff and wonderful customer service.”
- Rebeka Jones

Very pleased with Valley Auto Loan

Very happy with my experience at Valley Auto Loan. Was quick and easy and I had no trouble securing an affordable loan for my car.”
- Trevor

A BIG Help!

Even though my credit isn't that great, and I was denied a car loan recently at another lender, it was no problem getting a loan through these guys. Valley Auto Loans made the application process easy, and I was able to get a loan to buy the car I wanted, at a payment I can afford. Wow, what an awesome company, and I'll be sure to use them again the next time I buy a car.”
- Sarah


My previous car broke down on me and I needed another car to get back and forth to work. I'm glad I found Valley Auto Loans. Valley Auto Loans helped me get another car that fit perfectly into my budget. In addition, I was able to get the car the same day I went in. Fantastic company to go to!”
- Kevin Simmons

Happy Customer

Valley Auto Loans strive to provide complete auto financing for all, and i think they do just that. Whatever your budget may be, they will make sure that you leave with an auto loan specifically built for you.Affordable prices and excellent customer service put Valley Auto Loans above and beyond the average basic,overpriced run of the mill auto loan provider, creating an environment that is truly unique to the customer. Anyone looking for a fair and reasonable loan without the egregious waiting times should definitely give Valley Auto Loans a try, you will not be disappointed.”
- Happy Customer

Good Experiance

There was nothing I hated more than taking the public transportation through cold winters, but I was short on cash. After a friend referral, I turned towards Valley for help and I have to say I am quite pleased. I am now the owner of a quality car without carrying the worry of drowning in debt.”
- Tom Lane

Easiest Car Loan Experience Yet!

Affordable payments, low interest rates, no hidden fees and keys in my hand the next day. What more could you want? Thanks Valley!”
- Ronald Clark

Absolutely The Best

I just purchased a car with the help of Valley Auto Loans last month. These guys are great. I got the financing and was able to sign on the car within the week.. I will never look for financing through any other company.”
- Michelle Parker


Even with my terrible credit these guys were able to get me not only a "budget car" but a car that was actually dependable and one that should last me for years to come. Rather than being embarrassed to be seen in my car It's actually quite a joy to drive thanks to the help from Valley.”
- Phil Smith



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