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Valley auto loans has always tried to provide the best possible source for people to obtain financing for their transportation needs. We provide lending services to people, with all levels of credit, who may be seeking zero down car loans, high risk auto loans, auto loans with no credit check as well as poor credit auto refinance loans and more. We believe you will find our superior service efficient and dependable compared to other lender brokers. We want everyone to be able to make an educated decision about the type of financing they need. We have provided these advice and education blogs to help you understand your financial situation better. If you are a first time buyer with no credit or you are trying to refinance an existing auto loan, we try to give you the best information to cover all areas of the borrowing process.

2015 Changes to the FICO Scoring System

The FICO score is the way that lenders evaluate the risk level when deciding whether to loan you money. A high score means that you pay your bills on time and that you are not spread too thin financially. A low score means that there’s a higher chance that you’ll default on your payments. In […]

How Do I Show Child Support as Income for my Auto Loan

When it comes to buying a car, one of the most important considerations is the loan and how much you should pay for a new car. And, while many focus on trying to qualify for the best rate while paying the least amount out-of-pocket, those with poor credit simply focus on trying to qualify for […]

Starting A Simple Budget for Your Next Car Loan

Most people ask “Why do I need a budget? What good will a simple budget do for my money problems?” Plenty! Though initially it takes some thought and effort to set up a budget the first time designed for reducing debt, it pays off quickly to provide peace of mind and often more money in […]

Military Auto Loans

The men and women who defend our country deserve to get a little break when it comes to buying the things they need, such as cars and homes and military auto loans are a great way to do so. The truth is that military auto loans offer service personnel significant benefits over the kinds of […]

Tesla Used Cars Now Sold On Website

Recently, electric car manufacturer Tesla quietly announced that they’ll now be selling Tesla used cars through their website. This is big news because previously Tesla lovers only had the option to buy these vehicles new at manufacturer suggested retail prices. if you have never owned a Tesla car, this is a great way to make […]

How Can I Lower My Car Payment If I Have Bad Credit?

Saving money is quite popular these days and learning how to lower your car payment is no exception. Everybody is looking for ways to cut down the amount of cash they spend. For most folks, this mostly means cutting back on entertainment, going out to eat, and other luxuries. Planning an auto loan budget ahead […]

What Happens In A Car Repossession?

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has an answer for many commonly asked questions regarding vehicle repossession. Knowing where you stand can go a long way toward helping you with decisions about your  bad credit car loan. Nobody wants to have their car repossessed. The situation is stressful, potentially embarrassing and can leave you without transportation. […]

What is the best auto loan for a first time car buyer

When you want to apply for your first auto loan, you should know what you are doing and how to get the best loan for your financial situation and lifestyle. For first time car buyers, this is not always easy as most consumers do not know what to do if you have not yet established […]

Avoid The Negative Equity Trap on Your Next Car Loan

Negative equity is a trap that car owners should do their best never to fall into. Even if you have a low-interest car loan, it is tough to escape negative equity or “upside down car loan.” Getting a bad credit car loan is only going to make it worse, but what if you need it? […]

When To Say No To A 7 Year Auto Loan

The contemporary mentality for most loans, including auto loans, is to ask yourself whether you can afford the payment. This is a good start; it’s important to be sure that the monthly payment fits into the household budget and won’t cause undue financial hardship. On the other hand, this mentality neglects the other half of […]

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