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For those with poor credit, there are a few methods one can take to be approved for auto loans. However, in this particular situation it can also be dangerous to not protect your identity. We at Valley Auto Loans always try to stress to our customers that as their credit potential and prowess increases, so do their chances of being victims of identity theft.

Valley Auto Loans is prepared to provide our clients with the service they expect and deserve. We have the unique ability to offer trustworthy auto loans through our exclusive network of high quality lenders and dealers, regardless of their credit score We aim to protect and care for our customers by educating them on the dangers of identity theft.

How are identity theft and auto loans connected?

The first thing all of our customers want to know is, “will I be approved for an auto loan?”

The only way to answer that question is to simply apply for an auto loan. However, our handpicked lenders and dealers specialize in bad credit or no credit auto loans, so it is always very likely that our clients will be approved for auto loans. The quickest way to improve your credit is by responsibly managing an auto loan. However the possibility of being a victim of identity fraud also increases, as your credit profile becomes more of an interest.

How to recognize the signs of identity theft

Avoid Identity Theft When Applying for a Car Loan

Identity Theft

The best defense against identity theft is to be prepared. Consistently keep up with any credit or bank statements as well as any other reports on your credit score and activity. Be aware of all actions in regard to your financial affairs and you will be much less likely target for identity theft. Identity thieves target those who are irresponsible with their personal information. Accounts that are not checked on consistently or are ignored indefinitely will be recognized as vulnerable. If you ever have the slightest infrequency in your accounts, or if you ever have any small hint that your identity may be at risk, contact your bank, credit service, or other provider immediately. Time is essential when it comes to identity theft and to combat the situation in the event of identity theft, you must act quickly.

When you begin to rebuild your credit by taking out and repaying an auto loan, you must begin to ward off identity theft by becoming acutely aware of any activity that takes place in your credit report.

We want to help you rebuild your credit score and get back to enjoying life. We also want to protect you from threats like credit theft. Valley Auto Loans has a consistent approval rating of 98.9%, no matter the condition of ones credit score. If you are ready to get back on the road and start rebuilding your credit, fill out your auto loan application today!

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