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Reference Rules for Poor Credit Auto LoanPoor credit auto loan applicants generally have an additional requirement compared to other applicants. These customers are required to furnish a list of references as an essential part of the entire lending process. Valley Auto Loans is a familiar name in America’s auto lending market with a special focus towards consumers without perfect credit. For many years, we have been instrumental in helping thousands of poor credit customers get the kind of car loan they want. Our website also has a widely acclaimed blog section that features informative articles on different issues common men face due to credit related limitations.

The Basics

The most common documentations required from any of the poor credit auto loan banks are a driver’s license and proof of insurance. Additional items required for bad credit borrowers are termed as stipulations by the lenders. The most common of these items is a reference list. A reference is nothing but an individual who knows the applicant. The perfect examples of a reference can be a boss, colleague, relative, or friend. Though most lending companies ask for four references, it makes sense to have a list of six references. Apart from the name of these persons, the list must also contain their telephone numbers and addresses.

It is extremely important that you don’t include the name of a reference without taking their prior approval. Discuss the matter clearly with them and do tell them that they may receive a call from the lending company to find out whether they actually know you. Also, only include people who are in very good terms with you. To make the entire process faster, bring this list with you during your first visit to the dealership.

During our long tenure in the auto lending market, we have observed that having a list of six references with their contact numbers and address can really help quick and smooth processing of your loan application.

How Valley Auto Loans Can Help

Another excellent alternative for you is to come straight to us and apply for our specially designed auto loan application process. As already said, it has always been out motto to empower poor credit borrowers with every essential help. Our system approves 98.9% applicants regardless of their credit history. Send your online application right now and qualify in 1 minute with some of the best poor credit auto loan rates available anywhere!

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