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Easy Financing on Used Cars Could Mean Damaged GoodsUnfortunately, there are many car dealers that are not honest with their customers, and they will work any angle to get the next sale. For the consumer, this is dangerous as they could be spending far too much money for a vehicle that is not only damaged, but could also be unsafe. The last thing you want is to pay to jeopardize your family or yourself. Use these simple steps to find good financing for a trustworthy and reliable car.

When hurricane Katrina struck and flooded the southern parts of the United States. There were many vehicles being transported north and sold as used vehicles, even though they had terrible water damage. With hurricane Sandy and other natural catastrophes causing significant collateral damage, it is extremely likely that we will see a new surge of vehicles on the market with high damage rates. So how can you identify a car that has been compromised? Follow these simple steps below to find out.

1. Look

Always look under the car for rust, as well as under the carpets and in the trunk. Any noticeable rust should be a big warning sign that the vehicle might have been in a flood. Also look alongside the vehicle for hidden dents or warps that would suggest the vehicle had been wrecked and the damage covered up.

2. Smell

If the vehicle has water damage, you should be able to smell it in the fabric and carpets.

3. Listen

Turn the vehicle on and listen to the engine. Does it sound like its stumbling, or having a difficult time running? As you test drive the vehicle, listen for loud road noise, especially whining, ticking, or groaning while turning left and right or braking.

4. Feel

Never ever buy a used vehicle without test-driving it first. Drive the vehicle for as long as the seller will permit. Stop the car completely, restart it, do anything you can think of and make sure the car can handle it.

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