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Many of our potential applicants have messaged us before applying and expressed concerns that their bankruptcy might affect their auto loan. In the past this might have been true, and it is still true with many other auto loan providers. However, Valley Auto Loans recently established a new system that allows us to approve and offer auto loans to literally 100% of our applicants. There are a few cases in which it is not up to us however.

When you have a bankruptcy, it is often up to your bank to decide weather or not you are allowed to become committed to major financial agreements or transactions, (loans, investments, etc.) So if you would like to apply for an auto loan but are burdened by a bankruptcy, you simply need to confirm with your bank that you are eligible to apply for loans.

At Valley Auto Loans we have the unique ability to offer approvals to all of our applicants. So if you are in need of a reliable new vehicle, apply today at Valley Auto Loans.

So how can we offer approvals to all of our applicants? We have a massive database of lenders that specialize in bad credit auto loans. When we receive applications they are immediately processed in the database where lenders compete for the rights to serve the applicant. This means that each approval is the best possible as the lenders offer their highest quality loan deals with low rates and no hidden fees.

Valley Auto Loans never discriminates due to bad credit, good credit, or even no credit. Now not even bankruptcies are determining factors when we accept applications. So if you are burdened by bad credit scores or bankruptcies, apply with Valley Auto Loans today and find out how much we have to offer.

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