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Summer and fall is a great time of year for you to sit back around the pool, enjoy picnics with your family and work on that tan that you lost during the colder months or explore some new hiking trails or rivers. But for the adventurous type, summer and fall is also the perfect chance for you to pack up your car and hit the open road to see some of the most beautiful places that the country has to offer. Road trip season is certainly here, and all it takes is you making the time to find a few majestic places. Here are some of the best road trip destinations in 2014, all of which will surely leave you with memories that will last a lifetime.

The Coast of New England

If you are looking for a long stretch of road and don’t have any time constraints, the coast that runs up New England is the perfect East Coast adventure. This 250-mile stretch runs from New Haven, CT, to Gloucester, MA. The best part about this trip is that you truly get to see parts of America that have been around since the founding of the country. This is perfect for those that aren’t familiar with the early years of America, or simply history buffs that want to feel a bit of nostalgia during their road trip in 2014. This trip should take you about a week to complete, if you do it at a leisurely pace. Along the way, be sure to get your fill of seafood at restaurants that offer fish, lobster, crabs, shrimp and other crustaceans that were caught earlier in the day. Not only can you enjoy the food that the coast has to offer, but you can also park your car at any beach along the way and get out to watch the sun rise and watch marine wildlife in their natural habitat. A must-see restaurant is the White Horse Tavern in Newport, Rhode Island, a place that is famous for being started by a 17th-century pirate. American history and beautiful views are aplenty during this road trip, making it one of the top options in 2014.

Ivy League Tour

If you can’t get your road trip started until the later summer months or even the fall, then the Ivy League Tour is a beautiful option to consider. Another trip that will take you along the East Coast, this road trip is 300 miles and runs through three states starting in Boston, MA, and finishing back in Cambridge, MA. Along the way you’ll see a variety of Ivy League schools, hence the name of the trip, including Harvard, Yale, Brown and Dartmouth. If you have a student who is looking to attend an Ivy League school in the coming years, this is the perfect trip to get them excited about what their future could hold in store. Not only will fall road trips be perfect to get a glimpse of these campuses abuzz with students, but you’ll also see the foliage along the East Coast begin to change to colors of red, gold and orange. If you want to mingle with Harvard students and other brilliant minds, check out Café Pamplona. It’s a European-style coffeehouse located near Harvard Square and a popular gathering spot for students and faculty alike.

Michigan’s Gold Coast

The road trip that goes along Michigan’s Gold Coast is 500 miles and it’s the perfect drive for late summer months. While many people may not think of Michigan as a popular beach destination, they’ll be surprised by the amount of shores that are in abundance along Lake Michigan. If you are looking for something a bit more adventurous than a lazy day at the beach, you also have options that include stretches of beach dunes, orchards and wineries, and plenty of bed and breakfast options for accommodations. The reason this trip is best in the late summer is because the lakes will be at their warmest, but you won’t be scorching hot while driving down the coast. Be sure to have your camera ready during this road trip, as you’ll have plenty of chances for photo shots as you pass the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lake shore, the tulip fields and windmills of Holland and the shores of Mackinac Island.

Four Corners Cruise

Many people head off to Las Vegas for wild escapades in the summer, but Sin City is also known as a great starting and ending place to begin the Four Corners Cruise. This trip is long at 1,850 miles and most people do it in about 10 days. But along the way you will see plenty of natural wonders that will leave you in awe of the beauty of America. You’ll hit the Grand Canon, Route 66, Colorado River and Monument Valley. And you can stop in cities like Santa Fe, Flagstaff and Pueblo. If you decide to take this trip, don’t forget to make your way to the Four Corners region. No where else in the country can you stand in four states at one time, but this is one of the highlights of this trip before you head back to Vegas.

The Mighty Mo

If you loved hot jazz and cold blues, as well as some delicious barbecue, then you are going to love the road trip that takes you through Missouri. This 1,400-mile stretch begins in St. Louis and runs to Kansas City, MO. Along the way are plenty of historic museums that display the frontier explorations of Jesse James, the Pony Express and much more. You can also pass by the Union Pacific Railroad Museum along the Nebraska border, if you have a fascination with trains. Many people think of the Midwest as simply a place to get from coast to coast, but you can have a fabulous time if you know what you are looking for.

Monument Valley & The Trail Of The Ancients

Utah’s canyon country has a little bit of everything for those seeking a wild time during their road trip. This is a small road trip at 300 miles, but it has plenty of big adventures along the way. You can hop on a back-country dirt road and go wild with your 4WD vehicle, and then head down to Moki Dugway and drive through hairpin turns for a thrill ride you’ll never forget.

Highway 49 Through California’s Gold Country

Last, but certainly not least, we couldn’t leave out the West Coast for road trip possibilities. The stretch that is Highway 49 runs for 200 miles and you can do this in just a few days. Along the way you’ll find everything from Victorian small towns to modern swimming holes and surf spots. To begin, start your trip in Sonora and make your way up through the Columbia State Park. After passing through Marshall Gold Discovery State Park, you can find your way to Nevada City, which is known for it’s mining history.

If you are looking for a great trip this fall, all you need is your car, some music, a few snacks and a good friend. So if you are looking to get out and see parts of America that you have yet to explore, consider the road trips on this list for your 2014 adventure.

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