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Use Your 2014 Income Tax Refund To Get Approved For a Car Loan!

It’s that time of year again when many of us are filing our taxes in hopes of a sizable return. Now is the best time of year to apply for a car loan, especially if your credit is less than stellar. If you have bad credit, you may be able to improve your chances of […]

Keep Big Bad Credit Auto Loans from Blowing Your House Down

While you depend on your car or truck to get you places, being late on car payments could result in having your car taken away from you. This can cause anxiety which may result in you doing business with companies who claim they can help reduce your monthly car payment to avoid repossession. While car […]

What Negative Equity Means for Your Next Car Loan

Negativity equity is a trap that car owners should do their best never to fall into. Even if you have a low interest car loan, it is tough to escape negative equity. Getting a bad credit car loan is only going to make it worse, but what if you need it? What is negative equity? […]

Securing an Auto Loan with a 500 Credit Score and Only $500 Down

The stock market may be soaring to record highs, but there are still plenty of hard working people without stellar credit scores or thousands of dollars to put down on a luxury, sporty, or just plain old reliable car these days. No matter how hard you work, the reality is it’s all too easy to […]

How to Use Poor Credit Auto Loans to Rebuild Credit

When you have bad credit, no one needs to tell you that it can be difficult to find a a car loan with bad credit. With the recent tightening in the credit markets, even people with a few small mistakes on their credit reports have discovered that it can be next to impossible to get […]

What To Know About Co-Signing a Bad Credit Auto Loan

For many people, owning a car is a necessity. However, cars can be very expensive, and most people don’t have the money to purchase one outright. For this reason, they may seek a loan. Unfortunately, if they have bad credit or even no credit, this can be a burdensome task. There’s a way around this, […]

How To Get An Auto Loan With No Cosigner And Poor Credit

Consumers who’re classified as independent contractors might have trouble getting approved for a car loan. This is especially true if they also have bad credit. Fortunately, it’s possible to get an auto loan if you have bad credit and have nobody to sign for you. Anyone who has bad credit must understand how their income […]

How To Get New Debt While Going Through Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Millions of bad credit auto loan consumers have gone through a chapter 13 bankruptcy. After going through such an experience, the thought of acquiring new debt might seem a bit scary. Fortunately, consumers don’t have to be scared to get a loan after they’ve had a bankruptcy. There is no doubt that bankruptcy is something […]

A Detailed Look At Credit Disability Insurance And Car Loans

It’s not uncommon for dealership finance managers to allow consumers to add credit disability payments into an existing auto loan. When speaking to consumers who have bad credit, dealership finance managers might say something about protecting the car loan. Before making a final decision, consumers need to have an understanding of credit disability insurance and […]

Bad Credit? You Just Need the Cheapest, Most Affordable New Car

When individuals with credit issues begin the search for a new car, they face the dilemma of finding an affordable car that meets all their transportation needs. They also need to locate a lender who will partner with them in order to qualify to purchase the right vehicle. At Valley Auto Loans, we lend to […]

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