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How To Save On High Risk Auto Insurance

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High risk auto loans are for people who need credit to buy a car, but have a bad credit record. Since, for them, getting a loan usually means paying a high interest rate, it is much more expensive than the same loan would be for someone with a good credit record. However, there are good […]

A Detailed Look At Credit Disability Insurance And Car Loans

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It’s not uncommon for dealership finance managers to allow consumers to add credit disability payments into an existing auto loan. When speaking to consumers who have bad credit, dealership finance managers might say something about protecting the car loan. Before making a final decision, consumers need to have an understanding of credit disability insurance and […]

Understanding Extended Car Warranties

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A lot of consumers consider buying an auto service contract, which can be purchased for a new or used vehicle. Since many borrowers are paying on a high-interest loan, these individuals are especially vulnerable to unforeseen car expenses. In many cases, these unforeseen expenses can be rectified with an extended warranty. Valley Auto Loans completely […]