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Pre Approved Car Loans Made Easy.

A pre-approved auto loan gives you the confidence to shop at any dealer lot you choose.

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Valley Auto Loans wants to put you in the best position for getting a new car. We understand how the final cost of the loan will affect your credit and how dealers will take advantage of people trying to get loan approval for a car especially when your credit score is a bit lower than it should be. That is why we offer pre approved car loans.

Getting a pre-approved auto loan before hitting the dealership is pretty much the best way to shop for a car. It means when you walk into an automotive dealership ready to choose a car; you do it with confidence knowing a lender has already agreed to provide pre-approved funds for your purchase. You qualified for a conventional car loan, and now all you have to do is pick out the car.

Finding the car is the easy part but most people worry about the financing.

What will your payments be? Can you afford a nice car or a cheaper car? You can gather the information needed and apply today.

The very best way to request a Pre-Approved Car Loan is to do it online when it is convenient for you to find the information you need to fill out the application. You can complete the pre approved auto loan application with no pressure from salespeople. Only you will see the results and know the facts of your auto loan offer.

Filling Out Your Loan Application

  • If you already know your credit score, great! If not, you can check it on line for free. Your credit score is am important factor for getting a low APR.
  • Have your job history ready. How long have you worked at your present job? What is your current gross monthly income? What is your employers contact information?
  • You will need to show your present home address and how long you have been a resident there. A PO box will not be acceptable without your home location.
  • You will be asked to list your down payment amount. It is always suggested to put at least 20% down for the lowest monthly payment possible. However, remember that you can put any amount you wish to pay including “0 down.”
  • If you are trying to refinance an existing car loan or you are getting pre-approved for a car purchase from a private individual, you will need the vehicle information.
  • Have ready the vehicle year, make and mileage along with the amount you are trying to borrow for the car purchase or auto loan refinance. You will also need the name of the current lien holder if you are trying to refinance the loan.

Valley Auto Loans excepts all applications at no charge, and no application will be refused. However, you will need to fill out all the information fields completely and accurately for a better chance to qualify with a lender.

You are not obligated to accept any loan offer you receive unless you are satisfied with the terms of the new loan.

A pre-approved car loan gives you the ability to shop with confidence with a locked in loan amount price. Best of all, the car salesperson will not know your financial business.

If you have had an accident and the car is a total loss then don’t waste any time. Get an auto loan pre approval and start looking for a replacement vehicle as soon as you can. Car shopping can be a lengthy, time-consuming process that should not be rushed. Car loan pre approval helps you start shopping as soon as possible. So don’t be mislead  by a car dealer telling you, you don’t qualify for a better car loan. Shop for your own “better car loan” today.

Car Loan Pre Approval Process

pre approved car loanThe average person begins the conventional loan process by visiting a dealership. They sit and, after exchanging pleasantries with the salesperson, get into the negotiations. There comes the moment when the dealership looks for financing for your loan.

This may come after looking at a few vehicles, or beforehand so that everyone has an idea of what type of vehicle you should be looking at. However, at some point, the salesperson goes to the back office to check on your car financing. You expect them to return with good news. At this point, most people have not even thought of a car loan pre-approval.

Unfortunately, many a person has sat there ready to go and discovered they were not eligible for the financing they need for their dream car. That is demoralizing and depressing. Or the dealer shows them ridiculously high loan payments that will put their budget at risk of being in the red each month.

A pre-approved car loan eliminates this disappointment. With a pre-approved auto loan, you know where you stand financially before you shop.

Subprime auto loans give people freedom and flexibility to choose a car loan even though you have a low credit score. You are less likely to be distracted by the cars at the dealer and possible ownership before you try to qualify for that amount. You will know what you have to spend, and there will be no question whether you can afford it or not or if the dealer may be able to do better. You can even get pre-approved for low-income car loans if you earn $1,500 or better.

Pre-Approved Auto Loan Online

If you apply with Valley Auto Loans first, you can locate the best auto loan lenders, for your personal credit status. You get the convenience of personal loans but don’t get the high-interest rate that comes with personal loans.

If you know your qualified APR, and you have your down payment information, you can use a car payment calculator to estimate your loan payments before you apply. Many times you can come out better if you know your car payoff calculator information before you shop for your car or an auto loan. The calculator lets you adjust your down payment amount and loan terms to see what the estimated monthly payments will be.

Only you will have the results and know the facts of your auto loan pre approval offer. The car dealer will not need to ask you personal information to approve a loan for you.

Valley Auto Loans has a network of lenders throughout the industry. Through their resources, they will find a lender at incredibly reasonable rates. In fact, Valley Auto Loans, by providing competitive auto loan pre-approval quotes, is an excellent option for people with less than stellar credit or no credit at all. By submitting the credit application, you can obtain a pre-approved car loan. If you know your credit score, you can use an auto loan calculator to get an estimate of what your payments may be before you apply.

Prequalify For Auto Loan Process

Once Valley Auto Loans has your pertinent information, they will review your loan needs with their lenders to see what financing options are best for you. After this process, you will be contacted by the lender, then pre-qualified for a loan. With a pre-approved amount you now are ready to hit the dealership and work out vehicle options with secure financing. Getting a pre-approval car loan puts money in your pocket to go shopping with.

Pre-Approved Car Loan In Hand

pre approved auto loanPre qualification for a sub-prime auto loan puts you in the most advantageous position. You are not obligated to use any lender that’s pre approved a loan or spend the total amount allowed.

When you walk into a dealership pre-qualified, those dealers want your business before you decide to cross the street and go to the competition. With a lender and loan in your back pocket, you and the dealer know what your budget is, which certainly makes shopping easier. Also, you will already have a very clear idea of what your monthly payments will be. Plus, you have now negated the loan process with the dealership that might not have gone your way.

When Negotiating With The Dealer

Negotiation is a vital part of buying a car. Unfortunately, when you do not have a car loan pre approval, it is the dealer that has the upper hand. They have what you want and will use that against you. However, when you have a lender on your side, a quick approval helps consumers see what their options are.

It will also be easier to decide what extras you can afford without being pressured by excited dealers. They will not be able to push stuff on you to increase their profit line. In fact, they will be incredibly accommodating to your thoughts and desires. Like we said, they do not want you to take your pre-qualified auto loan to the competition.

Use caution, however. Some dealers may try to talk you into using their financing just to talk you into a higher selling price to increase their commission. They will not tell you about your application and financing fees until after they add them to the loan. Stick to your pre-approved amount, so you will not be a victim of a dealer that upsells you a higher priced model.

Auto Loan Pre Approval Lenders

Valley Auto Loans is a leader in financial services. They have a simple approval process that gives them an edge. They have a thorough comprehension of the market and the obstacles a consumer can face. They’ve streamlined the application and approval process so that it is fast and efficient with compassionate lenders. This can save the borrower from public disappointment of being rejected at the dealership. All the loans we offer are from lenders who can help you rebuild your low credit score.

It does not get any easier.

Maintaining healthy relationships with auto lenders across the nation, Valley Auto Loans is ready to work with anyone who needs a pre-approved car loan or refinancing a car with poor credit. Their financing options also include zero or no money down agreements. Moreover, they still manage to hold some of the lowest local and national financing rates for new car loans in the country. It is a service that stands well above the rest.

  • High applicant acceptance rate.
  • Quality pre-approved auto loans.
  • Smooth, fast application process.
  • Lowest rates in the United States.
  • Pre-Approved Car Loans For Bad Credit.

Valley Auto Loans believes that anyone that wants to be behind the wheel should have that dream. You should have a pre approved car loan in hand from a third-party company that provides great deals for buyers. You can pre-qualify with bad credit for your loan, so you know how much money you have to shop with.  This objective should not come with embarrassment, running around and frustration. You can choose the loan you like without any obligation to loans that you are offered. A pre qualified loan offers the confidence to walk into any dealerships you choose and buy the car you want. Valley Auto Loans’ approval process helps its customers – good credit, bad or no credit – get the easy financing they deserve. Instant pre approved car loans.

Auto Loans For Bad Credit

For an auto loan pre approval, Valley Auto Loans is your guide to receiving pre qualification for an auto loan even if you have sub-prime credit. Car buyers with bad credit or no credit can apply with confidence and soon be driving the car of their choice. We make auto loan pre approval easy.

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