Tesla Used Cars Now Sold On Website

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Recently, electric car manufacturer Tesla quietly announced that they’ll now be selling Tesla used cars through their website. This is big news 1 because previously Tesla lovers only had the option to buy these vehicles new at manufacturer suggested retail prices. Now, you’ll be able to go somewhere like Valley Auto Loans to get financed on a pre-owned Tesla at a much lower cost. The price difference for these used Teslas will not only help you be approved for a loan, but you’ll also have lower payments. Pre-owned Tesla owners are now able to save money on their payments as well as gas.

Tesla Used Cars Now Sold On WebsiteFor years, some of the biggest car manufacturers have sold their pre-owned vehicles at dealerships with amazing warranty coverage. The main concern that a person has when they purchase a pre-owned vehicle is that the something might go wrong and they’ll have a costly repair bill along with their monthly payment. Depending on the car manufacturer, most warranties are for three years or 36,000 miles 2 . This type of warranty covers any type of mechanical failure from the air conditioning to power windows and much more. Many of these manufacturers also extended the powertrain warranty, which means that they’ll cover the engine and transmission for a much longer time.

Certified Tesla Used Cars

Certified pre-owned vehicles are almost as good as buying a car brand new, and that’s what Tesla will now be offering its customers. When a vehicle is traded in at a Tesla dealership, it will go through an inspection process in which the vehicle will have to pass a certain amount of quality checks in order to be certified. A Tesla technician will check the vehicle from top to bottom, and if it passes the test, it will become a certified pre-owned vehicle. These certified pre-owned vehicles often come with warranties that will add extra coverage up to 50,000 or more, depending on which level of coverage the owner decides to get.

The best part about having a certified pre-owned warranty is that you won’t have to worry about going through a third party in order to see if certain items are covered. Tesla takes care of their customers, so you’ll know exactly what’s covered from the moment you purchase the vehicle. While some trim items may not be covered due to natural wear and tear, pre-owned Tesla owners can rest assured that other potentially expensive repairs will be covered.

One of the challenges that Tesla will have to face now that they are beginning to sell used vehicles is that their dealerships may not have the space to house all of the vehicles. For now, these used vehicles will be stored at Tesla facilities and the buyer will be able to browse their inventory online. Online car buying has become a fast growing trend because now you can shop for a car from the comfort of your own home without worrying about the high-pressure sale from a sales person at the dealership.

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