Jun 9, 2018

Car Won’t Start: What To Check First


Car Cranks But Won't Start. How-To Recognize a Bad Fuel Pump My car gave me no indication of a problem when I shut it off but now my car won?t start. How do I locate the problem and I need help to know How to recognize a bad fuel pump or ignition problems. It can [...]

Jun 2, 2018

Learn About Tire Tread Wear Patterns


Are Your Car Tires Showing Irregular Tire Tread Wear? The purpose of your car tire tread is to maintain traction on the road during all driving conditions. Driving conditions can change with the weather, temperature, road surface material and the speed the car is moving just to name a few. Tire tread depth is [...]

May 27, 2018

How To Fix A Stuck Car Window


Quick Stuck Power Window Repair If your car's power window just stopped working, your power window is stuck down and you need to get it closed, there are a couple of tricks that anyone can do. Within a few minutes, you may be able to get the window to close without any tools or mechanical [...]

Aug 31, 2014

How To Plug A Tire


How to Fix a Flat Tire With A Tire Plug Proper tire care is essential for maintaining your car's safety and performance for many reasons. Safety, economic savings and preventing inconvenient breakdowns just to name a few.? If any part of the suspension is damaged or out of adjustment or a tire is run [...]

May 1, 2014

How To Jump A Car Battery


Guide to Jump Starting A Car Jump starting a car is never at the top of anyone's daily to-do list. You walk out to your car, get in and give the key a turn. Nothing happens, or you hear that all familiar click, click, click. Whether it is a brand new car [...]