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Credit Cards for Bad CreditToday, nearly every major transaction requires a credit card. From checking into a hotel to buying a car, a credit card is required for a variety of reasons. Unfortunately, lack of credit or bad credit has traditionally kept some people from receiving the credit card they need. While bad credit may make it difficult to receive credit cards with high limits, low interest rates, and lucrative rewards programs, it is possible to be approved for a credit card and begin building or rebuilding your credit. If your credit is less than stellar, the traditional means of securing a credit card can be a long and tedious process, but thanks to, you can be approved for a new card in under a few minutes, taking the guesswork and the hassle out of the equation. Traditional Way of Securing a Credit Card with Bad Credit.

Prior to, the process of securing a credit card was a long and tedious one, which required many steps. Let’s take a look at these steps in further detail so you can appreciate all that can do for you. The traditional steps include:• Get Educated – A credit score is based upon information in your credit report and can range anywhere between 300 and 850. The lower your score, the higher the risk you are in the eyes of credit card companies. Everyone has a separate credit score from Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion, for a total of three credit scores. Only a handful of select people know the actual formula used to determine credit scores, but your payment history, type of credit accounts, debt-to-credit ratio, new credit, and length of credit history are all factors in determining your credit score.

• Know Your Credit Score – Every time you check your credit score, it is known as a “soft inquiry,” which doesn’t have a negative effect on your score. However, every time a credit card company or lender checks your credit score, your score is negatively affected, because it is considered a “hard inquiry.” It’s important to check all three of your scores and look for inaccuracies. Unfortunately, the so-called “free scores” are only educational scores and not your actual credit scores. To gain access to all three of your actual credit report and scores, you must pay a premium. For $40, Experian can provide you with all three of your credit scores and reports.

• Perform Some Housekeeping – It’s important to check all three of your credit reports for inaccuracies. Some reports may show different information than others. If you find any inaccuracies, you can open a dispute with the particular credit bureau, which has up to 45 days to respond.

• Do a Little Renovation – A quick fix is to simply ask a family member or close friend to add your name as a user on their oldest credit card account. You don’t actually have to have access to the card, because if you are only added as an authorized user, you can still benefit from their good credit history and score as well as increase the overall age of your credit accounts, which will increase your score. You may also be able to secure a small personal loan and pay it off in full, which will give your credit score a quick boost.

• Types of Available Credit Cards – There are three basic types of credit cards that may be available to you: unsecured, secured, and prepaid. Unsecured cards are the most optimal, but they’re usually only available for individuals with scores of 650 or better. Secured cards are much easier to be approved for, but they require you to pay a deposit to “secure” the card, which you will only get back when you close the account. Prepaid cards are essentially debit cards, where you add money to the card to be used.

Unfortunately, if you take any of these routes on your own, you may be subject to fees and inflated interest rates meant to take advantage of your bad credit situation and lack of options. The New Era of Securing a Credit Card with Bad Credit

Of course, knowing your credit score and the information on your credit report is a necessary aspect of financial responsibility, but following the above steps can take weeks or months. Furthermore, every time you apply for a credit card, your score will be negatively affected. Thanks to, you can now take advantage of a unique system that analyzes countless credit companies that specialize in granting credit card approval for those with bad credit or no credit at all. Within one minute, you can have access to a targeted list of credit lenders who are highly likely to approve you for the credit card you need.

The unique design and system of has made it the preferred method of receiving a credit card in the shortest amount of time possible. With an endless sea of satisfied customers, is the premier resource for fast and easy credit card approval. If you’re in need of immediate credit, can help you get the credit card you need, when you need it.