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No credit check auto loans are often preferred by the applicants who have an unimpressive credit history because it saves them from the embarrassment of rejection, especially when applying in person. As an experienced player in America’s auto loan industry, we have seen that many credit challenged consumers are extremely worried about credit checks and believe that their only chance is to get a car loan from companies that offer the same without conducting a credit check. Though no credit auto loans may appear to be the best possible solution for these consumers with poor or no credit history, there are many downsides to pursuing a no credit check auto loan. Our mission has always been dedicated to serving bad credit consumers make the best financial decisions and connecting them to the most appropriate dealers for their bad credit auto loans.


The biggest disadvantage to no credit check loans is that the interest rates are going to be MUCH higher compared to conventional bad credit auto loans that do conduct a credit check. Therefore, anyone who decides to go with a no credit dealership must be ready to face the consequences of much higher monthly payments and a lower quality vehicle. These loans should not be avoided unless there is a dire emergency, when you are sure there are no other options for you and you are certain you can afford the high interest rates attached to no credit check auto loans. We discourage consumers to apply for no credit auto loans because it may drown you completely in debt, which is something we advise shoppers to avoid at all costs, if not approached with caution.

No Credit Check Auto Loans Down Payments

In addition to high interest rates, no credit check auto loans also require an extremely high down payment in order for the lender to stay protected against borrowers failing to pay then entire loan or even the first installment. Before talking with no credit check car dealers, you must be sure that these companies have an extremely strong collection and recovery system. To facilitate easy collection and repossession, many of these cars have electronic immobilizers that are capable of deactivating the ignition system of the vehicle, in the instance that the borrower misses a payment. GPS devices are also installed to locate the vehicles quickly with these types of loans leaving you little privacy.

Interest Rates and No Credit Check Auto Loans

Another serious disadvantage of no credit check car loans are the high rates due to the frequent need for repossession due to missed payments. The lenders may have to repossess the vehicle even in the instance of only one payment being missed. In addition to losing the vehicle, in most cases the remaining loan amount needs to be paid off as well. Unfortunately, there are also no benefits in terms of rebuilding or improving your credit score, even if you pay off the loan with a perfect payment history. This is because most lenders do not report the payments made towards no credit check loans to credit bureaus.

Keeping all these disadvantages to no credit check car loans in mind, we would advise you to take a look at another alternative that has changed lives for thousands of bad credit consumers like you. Valley Auto Loans is widely known as the number one website for auto loans with no credit history as well as those with poor credit. We have a network of premier lenders and car dealerships from all over the United States, who have a wealth of experience in dealing with consumers who have no credit history. Contact us or take a minute to fill out our auto loan application to begin the process or building your credit with our low interest rate bad credit car loans, without using no credit check auto loan dealers.