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Terms of Use

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When you click the Submit button on any page or application, you are:

  1. Telling us that you’re interested in financing the purchase of a motor vehicle.
  2. Asking us to provide your information to one or more of the organizations with which we do business who might offer you financing or who might be able to find a source of funding for you.
  3. Agreeing to receive electronic documents.
  4. Authorizing such those other organizations or us to collect, review and verify your information.
  5. Permitting us or any of those organizations to obtain a credit report about you.
  6. Saying that it is okay to combine your information with other information about you for analysis and marketing purposes.
  7. Certifying to us and those other organizations that you are the person whose information you are submitting.
  8. Acknowledging that your information will be used for the purposes of obtaining credit.
  9. Saying that all of the information that you provide is accurate and complete.

This is not an application for a loan or other form of credit. We do not make loans or extend credit.

We provide your information to organizations with which we do business in the hopes that one or more of them will offer you financing or refer your information on to someone else who will.

We are usually successful in connecting people with lenders who want to provide auto financing to them.

However, we do not guarantee that you will receive an offer of funding or that any offer of refinancing or financing will be on any particular terms.

We have no obligation to tell you one way or the other whether we were able to connect you with a potential lender. Each of the authorizations that you give to us also applies to any other organization to which your information is passed.

Clicking the Submit button will be your electronic signature.

State and Federal laws make electronic signatures associated with online agreements like this just as enforceable as agreements on paper that are signed by hand, so don’t click unless you mean it.

You are also confirming that you have read and agreed to the privacy policy.

We look forward to helping you!