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Resources, Tips & DIY Guides

Valley Auto Loans is dedicated to serving as well as educating our visitors regarding the process of applying for financing.

Car shoppers should compare all of the available loan options they have.

Below are some of our best guides and resources to help you make a wise choice. Please check this page regularly as we will update it with our latest and most valuable content.

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Free Offers, Resources and Tools

  • Free Auto Loan Quote – Our page for requesting a free quote on an auto loan or car refinance loan.
  • A Simple Budget For Your Car Loan – We provide everything you need to build a simple budget. Download free pages and instructions. Learn how to get extra paychecks.
  • Auto Loan Payoff Calculator – We explain how to use a payoff calculator tool. This will help you look at different payment plans.
  • Auto Loan Amortization Explained in Plain English – An easy to understand guide on how your loan and interest will actually be calculated. Learn how to pay it off faster with very little extra payment each month.
  • Learn The Average Monthly Car Payment – Know what to expect for the various loan terms out there. from 1 year to 7, educate yourself on the payments that you should expect depending on interest rates and down payments.
  • Avoiding Car Dealer Scams – This is an essential read for anyone ready to purchase a vehicle. This guide covers the most common tricks that a crooked dealer will try to pull on you when negotiating a deal. Be sure to read this so you do not regret it later!

Buying A Used Car

  • How To Buy A Used Car – This is a “Used Car Buyers Guide” that is a must read if you ever plan to buy a used car from a dealer or private individual.

Buying A New Car

  • How to Buy a New Car – This “New Car Buying Guide” is a step by step, complete guide to the car buying process. From finding great deals to closing the deal and avoid dealer tricks and ripoffs.

Resources and “How To” Guides

  • How to Jump Start A Car Made Easy – We will walk you through the proper way to jump a dead battery using visual aids.
  • How to Plug a Car Tire –  We show you how to fix a nail in your car tire in four easy steps using pictures.
  • Power Car Window Repair – If you have a car window stuck in the down position there are some things you can try first.
  • The Best Way To Trade In a Car
  • What Factors Affect Your Credit The Most
  • Vehicle Search
  • 10 Eligibility Requirements for an Auto Loan
  • How to Lower Your Car Payment Today
  • How To Transfer a Car Loan

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