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All About No Credit Check Car Loans

No credit check auto loans can seem like an interesting way to buy a car. They skip the whole process of a credit check with guaranteed financing, offering buyers the lure of fast, risk-free auto purchases. However, there are several things that will affect your credit status and your car purchase in a negative way that you should know about.

What Makes A No Credit Check Loan Possible

Lets look at how dealers can offer a car loan without checking an applicants credit history. The apparent convenience of providing no credit check car loans allows them to charge far more money than otherwise. They can trap customers into high rates and these type of dealers are known for installing special security devices in the car that can disable the car and impose on the customer’s privacy.

No Credit Check Auto Loans

The credit check, while irritating and embarrassing to customers, is an important part of the auto loan qualifying process. Credit checks let the auto lender know how credit-worthy the borrower is. This information then effects how the lender structures the loan. The interest rate, down payment, and length of the loan all depend on the credit score of the borrower. This is true for any loan, but especially so for auto loans, which are some of the largest loans any consumer will take out. Car loans with no credit check gives the lender nothing to base your interest rate and down payment on so they will charge the maximum amount possible.

Car Loans, No Credit Check, No History

No credit check car loans remove this information about how likely the borrower is to repay the auto loan. As a result, the finance lender needs to treat everyone as if they were an extremely risky borrower. Everyone who applies for car loans with no credit check will get the worst possible loan terms. The interest rates on such auto loans will be the highest in the market. The lender does not want to run the risk of having to repossess the car with no profit, the risk of losing the car, and the uncertainty of not being able to trust the borrower.

It May Cost You More

That is why they charge such high rates. They do it as a compensation for the extra risk. Of course, that is a bad thing for no credit check car loans borrowers. They get treated like they have the worst possible credit score. The monthly payments for no credit check car loans will be higher than through any other source of financing.

You may Need A Large Down Payment

The problems don’t end there. No credit check car loans will also require a larger down payment than any other auto financier. The reasoning is that the lender does not know if the borrower will be able to pay back any of the auto loan at all – they could default before the first payment. That would force the lender to repossess the car right away. To repossess a car is an expensive process.

No credit check car dealers and lenders need to set the down payment large enough so that it can pay for the cost of that repossession process. Otherwise, the auto lender could take a loss on the loan. The down payment needs to cover that risk and also provide the lender and dealer with some profit, just in case the down payment is the only money the vehicle lender will ever receive from the customer or borrower.

This Loan May Not Help Your Credit History

If you have no credit or poor credit history, getting a car loan paid off is a way to bring a credit score up again. But for car loans without credit check policies, the lender does not report the transaction and its history to the appropriate credit authorities. As a result, despite all the hard work of paying off the loan in full at max interest, the credit rating won’t change, and the fact that paying off the loan is an uphill battle due to the poor terms, the borrower won’t be able to improve their credit score. The loan does not enter their credit history.

Yes, the credit bureaus won’t know the loan ever occurred. Even though the borrower managed to pay off a very expensive auto loan, the auto loan won’t affect their official creditworthiness. Next, car loans are not just a way to own a car. They can act as a bridge to other loans, such as home mortgages, student loans, or credit cards. A person’s credit score reflects their recent use of credit. But because no credit check loans never enters a credit report, it can’t improve the borrower’s credit score.

Can You Get A Loan With A Credit Check ?

If you are trying to purchase a car without a credit check, chances are, you believe that your credit is not good enough to qualify for a conventional car loan. The problem may be that you are not looking to the correct auto loan lenders for your loan. Valley Auto Loans will match your loan needs to the correct lender so you will get the best possible loan for no credit financing, or even if you have good credit . This will also allow you to shop for a car at any lot you choose so you are not left with only taking a car that someone with bad credit can qualify for. You could also pre-qualify with bad credit for your loan so you know how much money you have to purchase with. The process for a person to get pre-approved today is a very easy process. They also can assist you to refinance your auto loan with bad credit. If you need to lower the payments or access the equity you have in the car for other expenses you have, refinancing online is a good option. There is no application fee and there is no obligation. Our ” How to get a refinance auto loan” page can answer any questions you may have about refinancing your auto loan for a lower rate.

A Better Choice For Your Loan

The bottom line on no credit check car loans is that they add a lot of cost and remove a lot of benefit compared to a regular auto loan. Even someone with bad credit would do better going the traditional route and taking out an auto loan through a lender that will perform a credit check. Credit checks are much easier and less invasive to perform now than they used to be. They don’t even need an in-person appearance, which removes the embarrassment of a public rejection. Simply fill the application out on line.

At the very least, a loan that requires a credit check will appear on the borrower’s credit history, so paying off the auto loan on time will go a long way toward repairing your credit.

Find A Lender For You

At Valley Auto Loans, we have connections to sources of financing like banks and other institutions that specialize in extending credit to borrowers with poor credit scores. We know that nobody has total control of their financial situation- sometimes bad luck can damage a person’s credit, even when they are responsible. We can connect anyone with an auto loan institution willing to lend to them, which is the first step to credit score repair. Our experience and dependability offers fast and safe car loans for all, so that nobody has to pay more than what they should, both for the down payment and for the monthly payment.

Valley Auto Loans can find a lender for almost every applicant, which is valuable not only to those with bad credit but to credit challenged people who are just starting out on their own and don’t have any credit history at all. Approval is fast, there is no application fee and there is no obligation. Many auto loan lenders are reserved to take a chance on such untested consumers, but we are confident that we can find you an approved auto loan or lender willing to offer you an auto refinance at a low rate instead of high interest no credit check auto loans.

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