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If you have a low FICO score, and are applying for a loan, you may be able to ask for a sign and drive style loan. We at Valley Auto Loans, have a great understanding of bad credit auto loans and financing. To apply for your loan today, with 100% application acceptance, visit our application page to Sign and Drive today.

Sign and Drive Loans Overview

So what is a Sign and Drive loan? Well for starters, Sign and Drive cars are vehicle financing programs, but to be specific, the term usually means a new car lending program. Under a sign and drive style contract, buyers can begin leasing the car by only paying the taxes, title and license fees. It’s called “sign and drive” because most lenders require only an up-front charge and the signature of the individual renting the vehicle.

Dealing with low FICO scores in sign and drive loans

Most of all sub-prime loans – loans for those with bad credit – are for those buying, not leasing a car. Leasing is rarely available to those with bad credit, but sign and drive cars are almost never available to those with bad credit. Due to this fact, many of those with bad credit never even try to find sign and drive offers or contracts.

As mentioned earlier, those with bad credit usually seek out sign and drive offers because they do not a have enough for a down payment. Most car lenders do in fact require a cash down payment to ensure that their borrower is responsible and able.

View things from the lender’s perspective, the only way to make a continuous income is if consistent payments are made. The lender knows that borrowers with good credit and plenty of money to place on a down payment are more likely to take up payments.

Our view on the matter.

If you want to begin re-building your credit, don’t become discouraged if you can’t get approved right away for sign and drive loans. Sign and drive loans may not be the best option for those with bad credit, but there are other options. By getting approved for an auto loan with bad credit, rent to own or high risk auto loans, you can rebuild your credit by simply making your payments on time.

Valley Auto Loans specializes in providing auto loans to bad credit applicants, and we simply want to help those trapped with low credit scores. If you would like to allow Valley Auto Loans to set you on the right track, regardless of a dealer purchase or sign and drive loan, complete your auto loan application today!