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Top Five Financial Tips for Young AdultsLets face it, stepping into the world of finances can be extremely intimidating. The best way to stay financially secure is not what you might think. Many people will tell you that it is to be prepared. Millions of people have tried to get on top by saving their hard earned pennies on the side. They think it will eventually make them rich if they never spend anything. But life doesn’t work that way, accidents happen and life keeps offering reasons to spend your hard earned cash. The best way to be financially secure is to learn.

  1. Learn. Learn all you can about the financial world. Learn how to invest, learn how to handle money, and learn how to spend money. To make investments you have to know how, and to make money from your investments you have to know how to properly take risks. There is no such thing as a millionaire who hasn’t failed several times; most have gone bankrupt several times. This is because you have to take risks. Not bad risks, good risks, and to make good risks you have to know how.
  2. Never buy things you cant pay for immediately. This is how so many people have staggering credit card debt. Buying things without paying for them immediately will get you buried under mountains of crushing debt. The world will tell you differently, but the world is also in debt.
  3. Build your credit score. Many major financial exchanges these days require you to have a high credit score. Your credit score is essentially how responsible you appear to banks. Build your credit score by making timely payments on any debts and never putting off something that you owe to an individual or organization.
  4. Taxes. This same concept goes for your taxes. Make sure that you are putting away the proper amount for your yearly taxes so that they do not overwhelm you at the end of the year.

Be prepared. I said early that this step wasn’t the number one tip on the list, and it isn’t. This is still a very important step in being financially secure though. Many billionaires use the six-month method. The six month method is simply storing away enough funds to support yourself for six months if you unexpectedly lost everything. Any excess funds after your six-month security fund, should be channeled into investments.