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Why Is It Important to Inspect Used Cars?

Inspect Used Cars

Inspect Used Cars

Poor credit car loan shoppers often prefer buying used cars over the new ones for reasons that are quite obvious. However, to maximize the benefit of purchasing a used car, it is extremely important for the buyers to inspect the car thoroughly. At Valley Auto Loans, we always advise used car buyers to check every aspect of the car before deciding to purchase the same. We are the largest online auto lending platform in the country that offers specialized service for customers with less than perfect credit. Though this blog, we also offer valuable tips to help poor credit consumers gain control over their financial issues.

The biggest concern with purchasing old cars is that, in most cases, the buyers have no clue about the condition of the car. Therefore, the very first step for the buyer should be to get hold of a vehicle history report. However, it is important to note that there is many relevant information that are not found in this report as its accuracy completely relies on external sources. For example, there will be no records for accidents that were not reported or no insurance claim was made. Also, the vehicle history report doesn’t provide proper reflection of the actual condition of the car or its components. This is why it is always better to rely only on pre-purchase physical inspection of the car.

Before starting your inspection, check the VIN number of the car that you are considering to purchase. Make sure that the Vehicle Identification Number in the VIN plate and on the title are same. It is also important to check the title of the vehicle for flood damage, salvage, reconditioned, stolen, theft recovery, miles unknown etc. Immediately reject the car in case there is a discrepancy in terms of these notations or the VIN number.

Now it is time to start the real inspection of the vehicle. Always have your used vehicle inspected by an ASE Master Technician that is certified in different areas like engine, engine performance, transmission, suspension and steering, drive train, brakes, heating and air conditioning, and electrical and electronics. Determine the extent of previous and current accidental damage by having the vehicle inspected by a collision repair specialist. Do not hesitate to reject the deal if a dealer doesn’t allow you to inspect the vehicle. There are many legitimate used car dealers that allow their customers to inspect the vehicles till they are fully satisfied.

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